The Lazy Song | Bruno Mars

What is the meaning and main idea of Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song? What is the message it tries to convey? Continue reading this article to find the answers.

Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song tells about the laziness experienced by the singer. Just like the title, it is not a love song which now become the most adored by composers all over the world or another kind of song. It is a lazy song. That's it. It can be said that it is a new category. And that makes Bruno Mars one of genius composers to have created a new category of song :).

Story of the Song
What are you gonna do next Sunday or next Summer? Such is a common question frequently asked by our friends. And the answer varies greatly. Some will say 'I'm gonna go camping with my family', and some will likely say 'I'm gonna go to Paris to buy Louis Vuitton's new collection.' However, the majority will like answer 'I have no plan. I think I'm going to spend my day doing nothing at home,' and that answer is the one captured by Bruno Mars. He then picked his pen and guitar and start writing this phenomenal lazy song lyric.

As it is reflected in the title, the whole verse of the song describes the feeling and condition of laziness. The song is opened with the very straightforward sentence "Today I don't feel like doing anything." Of course, if you are lazy, you must not want to do anything. You only want to "lay in your bed." Even to pick up the telephone, it's something that will bother you so much.

And what else you are gonna do? To make it more comfortable, while lying on the bed, you will 'kick your feet up, then stare at the fan.' If you have TV at home, it's reasonable in that lazy condition you will 'turn the TV on' and relax.

Well, is that enough? Not yet, if you are bored with lying on the bed, you will move to the couch and again lie there. You're gonna grab your snuggie, blanket. You will change the channel to MTV hoping to find your favorit song being broadcasted or you just want to find the latest style of dance - dougie so that you can be like your friends.

Not only about today, when you feel lazy, you must plan the exciting things that would happen tomorrow. And one thing that Bruno Mars finds exciting is to 'do some P90X, meet a really nice girl, and have some really nice sex.' However, in that very occasion it is likely that you still gain your consciousness. You remember that this whole laziness is not in right track with your Dad's wish for you to get your college degree. But you know, it's just for a while. Being dilligent and studying hard can be done tomorrow, not today. And today you still want to spend your time doing anything. And that's it, today you "don't feel like doing anything, nothing at all."

Well, that's my interpretation of Bruno Mars' The Lazy Song. Your comment is highly appreciated.

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