Common Denominator | Justin Bieber

What is the meaning of Justin Bieber's Common Denominator? Why does he take the phrase as the title of his song? Does he like mathematics so much that he brings mathematic terms into his song?

Crushing on someone does give us indescribable feeling. It is as if joy, excitement, self confidence, and fear of losing are put in one place. No time without thinking of his/her face. Just hearing his/her voice has made us so happy. Whatever he/she does is right. Nothing wrong with him/her. We will think that he/she is perfect in any thing. When he/she proves to have done a mistake, we will accept it and says proudly that 'no one's perfect,' LOL.

It is such feeling that Justin Bieber tries to describe and tell in his Common Denominator song. However, being sung in Bieber's special vocal style in which he often adds uh, oh, yeah, or woah sounds makes the song a little bit lose the actual mood it conveys. Such sounds make the song shows only fear of losing and put aside the excitement. Moreover his decision to take 'Common Denominator' as the title of the song is considered appropriate or even intelligent since it attracts the listeners's attention. They are made curious even before they listen to the song. The title, however, does not immediately show that Bieber loves Mathematics as it is here used just to attract the listeners' attention.

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