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What is the meaning and main idea of Britney Spears' Till The World Ends song? What is the message the song tries to convey? Continue reading this article to find the answers to those questions. But wait, before we discuss the meaning of Britney Spears' Till The World Ends in more detail, first read through the complete lyric below as you reference.

Till The World Ends - Britney Spears

This kicked in got your tongue tied in knots i see
Spit it out cuz im dying for company
I notice that you got it
You notice that I want it
You know that I could take it to the next level ba-by
If you want this good s***
Sicker than the remix
Baby let me blow your mind tonight

I cant take it take it take no more
never felt like felt like this before
c'mon get me get me on the floor
DJ what you what you waitin' for.


watch me move when I loose when I loose it hard
get you off with the touch dancing in the dark
you notice what im wearing
I notice that you are staring
you know that I can take it to the next level baby
harder than the A-list
next one on my hit list
baby let me blow your mind tonight!


see the sunlight
we aint stoppin'
keep on dancing till the world ends
if you feel it let it happen
keep on dancing till the world ends.
keep on daancin' till the world ends
keep on daancin' till the world ends

Well, looking at the title of the song, it's likely we're gonna think that this is a love song telling one's faith to his/her spouse. Such assumption is reasonable considering the fact that this phrase is normally used by a lover to show their loyalty toward the one they love.

However, if you look at closely to each verse in the lyric, it becomes clear that such assumption is totally wrong. This is not a love song. This also does not tell anything related lovers' faith toward their couple. It tells about faith, indeed. But, the faith told is not lovers' but clubbers' loyalty to his/her world, namely clubbing. Yes, in short, the song tells about one's addiction to dancing in the club. Again, this is a-totally-do-whatever-you-like song.

Song Lyric Narrated
The song is opened with Britney singing "I notice that you got it, You notice that I want it" which can be interpreted as Britney's talk the DJ who plays the music in the club. If it is picturized, it may be like this: both Britney and the DJ look at each other's eyes. They smile and understand that the music should continue. Britney needs the music to dance, while the DJ needs Britney to make his music hotter. Such picturization is supported with the next lines "you now that I can take it to the next level ba-by. if you want this good shit, sicker than the remix, Baby let me blow your mind tonight. This whole lines shows that Britney wants the hotter music from the DJ and as a reward she will surprise him by dancing so wildly along with the music.

The next lines show how Britney really wants the hotter music so bad. She "can't take it no more. never felt like this before." She can wait any longer. She wants to dance right now. And so she asks the DJ to play the music she requests by saying "come on get me on the floor." However, at this time the DJ has not fulfilled her request. And so she asks 'DJ what are you waiting for?'

In the next lines, Britney shows how they love clubbing and dancing so much. "See the sunlight, we ain't stopping," so she sings. It means that even if the night has gone and morning comes, she still don't want to stop dancing. She will "keep on dancing til the world ends."

Well, that's my humble interpretation of Britney Spears' Till The World Ends song. Your comment is highly appreciated

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  1. A scene shows everyone in a underground shelter with lanterns and etc. On the wall you see a big B4 sign indicating they are 4 levels down in a basement "B4"... at another scene the dancers go lower to the ground as a light overhead is growing brighter as if its a blinding blast of light. At the end shes seen coming out of a sewer system. There are other notable scenes in the video but my over all interpretation is about a major blast that forced them to seak deep shelter to escape the nuclear fall out. Thats why they were at level B4. So its a song about an end of the world scenario. Not her loyalty to the DJ thats just dumb.