Mr. Know It All | Kelly Clarkson

What is the meaning and main idea of Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know It All song? What is the message the song tries to convey? Continue reading this article to find the answers. And for your reference, the following is the complete lyric of the song:

Mr. Know It All - Kelly Clarkson

Mr. know it all, well ya
You think you know it all, But ya
Don't know a thing at all, Ain't it
Ain't it something y'all
When somebody tells you something bout you
Think that they know you more than you do
So you take it down another pill to swallow

Mr. bring me down, well ya
You like to bring me down, don't ya
But I ain't laying down baby
I ain't going down
Can't nobody tell me how it's gonna be
Nobody gonna make a fool out of me baby
You should know that I lead not follow

Oh you think that you know me, know me
That's why I'm leaving you lonely, lonely
Cause baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't know a thing about me
You ain't got the right to tell me
When and where to go, no right to tell me
Acting like you own me lately
Yet baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't know a thing about me

Mr. play your games
Only got yourself to blame
When you want me back again
But I ain't falling back again
Cause I'm living my truth without your lies
Let's be clear baby this is goodbye
I ain't coming back tomorrow


So what you've got the world at your feet
And you know everything about everything
But you don't
You still think I'm coming back but baby you'll see


Mr. know it all, well ya
You think you know it all
But ya don't know a thing at all, and yet
Yet baby you don't know a thing about me
You don't know a thing about me

Meaning, Main Idea, and Message of The Song

In a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl, the attitude toward each other is the key factor to the success or failure of the relationship. If they could build mutual understanding, their love will last long or even forever. In contrast, if cheating each other always colors the relationship, then the failure, the breaking of relationship, will be inevitable.

In many cases, however, it's one party, either the boy or the girl, who cheats their partner. In such situation, as long as the other party doesn't know, everything is fine. But, it is a fact that we cannot forever sweep something under the carpet. However clever we hide something, it will finally be uncovered. And guess what, when our lover knows the truth, they will end the relationship.

Besides one party's cheating, the failure of romantic relationship can also be caused by other bad attitudes. Among them, the most popular one is overdominance by one party over the other. By overdominance I mean the situation in which one party always dictates the other about anything as if s/he knows everything and their partner does not know anything. In such situation, it is normal that the party being dictated and dominated feel depressed and frustrated. Yes, what is the fun of having a lover if s/he always tells you everything and never in turn listens to what you say? Sure, no fun at all. Therefore, it is understood that at some point in time, the depressed party wants to be free. How? Of course by ending the relationship and leaving his/her lover. I believe if you are in the same situation, you will do just the same.

Well, that's what Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know It All song is all about: a girl's decision to leave her boyfriend who has been dominating her. Based on the lyric above, the boy is over confident. He thinks he knows everything and hence he couldn't accept what other people (including his girl) say about him (verse 1). With such character, the boy often hurts her feeling. He brings her down. But the girl does not keep silent. She decides to do something to be out of this situation (verse 2). And her decision is to leave the boy so that he can no longer dictates her (verse 3 / chorus). She knows that the boy must think she will come back to him. But this time he is wrong. The ending of relationship has given her freedom. Therefore, whatever happens, she is determined and will not come back to him again (verse 4).

Well, that's my interpretation of Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know It All song. How about you? Have you ever been in such situation?


  1. that song is a piece of shit

  2. I kinda understand. I was the dominant one in our relationship but we were two gay males. I took control because my ex had no drive. Still doesn't today, but he constantly cheated and flirted on me. I finally couldn't take it anymore and I walked away. The dominance really didn't start til he started with the flirting and cheating. I guess in the end he wasn't going to stop and I just pretty much have him permission to do it by staying.

    Thank goodness he's gone cause I found someone I care deeply about and there is no constant need to fight for the relationship cause both of us want it.

  3. Kelly Clarkson is a moron! She doesn't know that there's no Mr. Know It All!

  4. She didn't write the song so quit trying to say she is a moron, because first of all if you payed attention she didn't write the song.