Wild Ones | Flo Rida feat. Sia

What is the meaning and main idea of Flo Rida feat. Sia's Wild Ones song? What is the message the song tries to convey? Continue reading this article to find the answers. And for your reference, below is the complete lyric of the song.

Wild Ones - Flo Rida feat. Sia

[Sia - Hook]
Hey I heard you were a wild one
If I took you home
It'd be a home run
Show me how you'll do

I want to shut down the club
With you
Hey I heard you like the wild ones

[Flo Rida]
I like crazy, foolish, stupid
Party going wild, fist pumping
Music, I might lose it
Blast to the roof, that's how we do'z it
I don't care the night, she don't care we like
Almost dared the right five
Ready to get popping, ain't no surprise
Take me so high, jumping no doubts
Surfing the crowd
Said I gotta be the man
When they heading my van, might check one too
Shut them down in the club while the playboy does it,
and y'all get lose lose
After bottle, we all get bit and again tomorrow
Gotta break loose cause that's the motto
Club shuts down, I heard you're super models

[Sia - Hook]

[Flo Rida]
Party rocker, foot show stopper
More shampoo
Never one, club popper
Got a hangover like too much vodka
Can't see me with ten binoculars
So cool
No doubt by the end of the night
Got the clothes coming off
Til I make that move
Somehow, someway, gotta raise the roof, roof
All black shades when the sun come through
Oh, it's on like everything goes
Round up baby til the freaky show
What happens to that body, it's a private show
Stays right here, private show
I like em untamed, don't tell me how pain
Tell them this, bottoms up with the champagne
My life, coming harder than we hit play
Do you busy with the bail, were you insane

[Sia - Hook]

I am a wild one
Break me in
Saddle me up and lets begin
I am a wild one
Tame me now
Running with wolves
And i'm on the prowl

Show you another side of me
A side you would never thought you would see
Tell that body
Gotta make sure do you have enough
I can't lie
The wilds don't lie

[Sia - Hook]

I am a wild one
Break me in
Saddle me up and let's begin
I am a wild one
Tame me now
Running with wolves
And i'm on the prowl....

Meaning, Main Idea, and Message of The Song

Although it's quite difficult to find main ideas of all parts rapped by Flo Rida, it seems to me that the whole lyric lines describe party goers' wild lifestyle. The description, I think, is relevant to the reality. As you all must have known, those who like going to the club and partying all night are ones who holds belief that freedom is everything. They don't like to follow the established rule. Typically, they live their life as they want to.

Following their lifestyle, party goers tend to choose wild ones as their romantic partners. The wilder the partners, the more exciting they are for the party goers.

In this song it is obvious that a party goer is interested in his counterpart who has wild attitude and temper. So attracted is he to her that he thought 'it'd be a home run' 'if I took you home' which, I guess, means like a great achievement. So he tries hard to capture her attention.

Fortunately, the girl responds positively to his attempt. She is wild. So he likes wild partners. Moreover, she feels flattered with the fact that he liker her wild attitude. "Tame me now" so the girl says. For me it's a form of challenge. She dares him to make her fall in love with him. If he is successful in doing that she will show another side of he, a side that he would never thought to see. What does this part mean? I guess it bears implicit message, namely even the wildest party goer actually has decent lifestyle. This lifestyle is only shown when he/she meets a true romantic partner.

Well, that's my interpretation of Flo Rida feat. Sia's Wild Ones song. Feel free to leave comments.


  1. love this song. its exactly like my boyfriend who is wild and sexy

  2. Lol last comment

  3. like the interpretation of the "show you another side of me
    A side you would never thought you would see"
    really romantic