One More Night | Maroon 5

What is the meaning and main idea of Maroon 5's One More Night song? What is the message the song tries to convey? Continue reading this article to find the answers. And for your reference, below the the complete lyric of the song.

One More Night - Maroon 5

You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war.
You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the door.
You and I get so damn dysfunctional, we stopped keeping score.
You and I get sick, yeah, I know that we can't do this no more.

But baby there you go again, there you go again, making me love you.
Yeah, I stopped using my head, using my head, let it all go.
Got you stuck on my body, on my body, like a tattoo.
And now I'm feeling stupid, feeling stupid, crawling back to you.

So I cross my heart and I hope to die
That I'll only stay with you one more night
And I know I said it a million times
But I'll only stay with you one more night

Trying to tell you "no" but my body keeps on telling you "yes".
Trying to tell you to stop, but your lipstick got me so out of breath.
I'd be waking up in the morning, probably hating myself.
And I'd be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell.


Yeah, baby give me one more night [x3]


Meaning, Main Idea, and Message of The Song

There are some special girls and women who have such a charm that they could easily attract boys and men. Such girls and women aren't always physically beautiful and sexy. It isn't their physical appearance, body and face, which really matter. It is usually something inside: personality. Of course there are many aspects of personality. However, regarding to women's attraction to men, it is their attitude toward their partners which plays important role and could enchant them (men). Indeed, some girld and women could really attract their lovers so much that they are like being enchanted.

This Maroon 5's One More Night song seems to me to tell about a man who feels like being enchanted by his girl that he could not let her go whatever she has done to him. This creates a unique relationship. The seem to quarrel everyday, but they could not live without each other.

The first verse of the song describes the inharmonious condition between them. They do not treat each other appropriately as lovers. Instead, they often have quarrel. However, the second verse shows opposite condition. Even with such often quarrel, the man doesn't leave her. It's because the girl has something and does things which can stop him from going away. I guess, it's her charm which can make him crawl back to her. The next verse, the chorus part, and the verse after the chorus emphasize his addiction to her and her attraction to him. The line "I know I said it a million times but I'll only stay with you one more night" shows how often such situation has happened between them. So, it's a unique relationship they have, don't they?

Well, that's my interpretation of Maroon 5's One More Night song. Comments are welcomed and highly appreciated.


  1. That was really helpful thanks.

  2. Right on the dot!!

    1. What this guy said ^


    2. Definitely would agree. And even if we can't understand the lyrics there's always the music vid. Although it makes me wonder how bad it was to drive her to suddenly take all her belonging, baby, and just disappear..

  3. That's ridic.. It's a loving relationship that can't get past things and so they have issues.. You make it sound like an evil enchantment when it probably goes both ways.. It's not about charm it's about his love for her.. It's about not wanting to break the connection that brought them together.. It's about loving someone whose not really right for you! This is border line sexist..

    1. Ridic? What are you 12 years old? Your opinion is right (even though the author obviously stated they were having "issues" as you said, but using the word QUARREL instead, so really, you're just restating the same exact thing but in simpler terms), but when the author said charm it's obviously a simile saying the girl's basically bringing him in LIKE it's some kind of enchantment. And if you think it's sexist, then you obviously offend far too easy. Idiot.

    2. You fool, your saying the same thing just in different did u get so dumb

    3. ^ *You're *you. ^

      It's funny how you call someone dumb or a fool when you can't even type one sentence correctly. Wow.

    4. (To make it easier, reply as an alias (false temporary/substitute name))
      Enchantment can be ambiguous of whether it is meant to be evil or innocent.
      I agree strongly that Enchantment" probably goes both ways.. It's not about charm it's about his love for her.. It's about not wanting to break the connection that brought them together.. It's about loving someone whose not really right for you". I don't think we should try to degrade each other and should critisize so that we can improve rather than be unmerciful.

      Regarding the insults about who is dumb: You can still be a fool if you communicate your ideas grammatically correct but have inaccurate ideas. To not be a fool you need to both be able to structure your ideas well 'and' have correct ideas.

      ---I am foolish myself, but despite that, I still suggest other's foolishness.

  4. This describes me and my girl to a tee.

  5. It's quite a unique song.

    Very beautiful, it's a weird story that someone could write, don't you think?

  6. Hmm.. A very beautiful touchy song... Love it a lot

  7. Thx
    You really described the meaning of the song :)

  8. Well, the song particularly gives us an idea that no matter how imperfect your partner is you still see something that others don't. Not all of us are perfect and I bet no one is perfect, however, oftentimes imperfection make him/her perfect in the eyes of her/his partner.

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  9. in a way this song describes my relationship because .... wait ... I don't have a relationship

  10. I've lived a similar (dis)connection recently and I really do think that there is NO real relationship. I would say that there exists a strong sexual attraction between the man and the woman, but the man is NOT interested in having any serious relationship with that girl... he just wanted to have some fun and he got caught by her charm. So he can't leave her, 'cause he is NOT really (in love) with her. And however now he's trying to escape from the sex-circle, he is not strong enough to succeed... so I think that it's all about sex and this is what makes the song so exciting.

  11. Meanings Version 2 :
    It's about a guy who is married and have kids, but he is in love with his mistress but can't go with her. So they (mistress + guy) often quarrel because she wants him to leave his wife but he don't want to break up his family. So he keeps seeing her (mistress), even though his head is saying no, his body is yelling yes.
    This is the story of a man addicted to his mistress who don't want to break his family.

    But it can be interpreted otherways.