Give Me Everything | Pitbull feat. Ne Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

What is the meaning and main idea of Pitbull's Give Me Everything song? What is the message the song tries to convey? Well, in general, the lyric tells us about hedonism. Free sex is the theme of this song. The song campaigns the view to enjoy the life we have before we die.

To know the real meaning of Pitbull's Give Me Everything Lyric, let me first show you the story that the song tries to tell us. As it is sung by Pitbull who is a man, then I will use the word 'man' to refer to the singer.

In the first verse, the man is talking to the woman. He said that he will love her. However, he then asks her to give him everything for one reason that tomorrow they may not be able to do the same. Of course what the man means by 'everything' is not really everything. It is very likely that what he means is her body. It is proven with the next lyric "let's do it tonight" which means 'to have a sex or to make love'.

In the second verse, the man seems to talk to other men. He asks or invites other men to do just the same as he usually does namely to meet a woman, have a chat with her, and then asks her to have a sex.

In another verse, the man talks about a little different thing. If in the first verse he confidently declares that he will love her, he seems confident to take her home because he is not sober after he drink a little bit more which make him believe that he look god tonight.

Well, from the story above, it is clear then that the song really talks about hedonism, about free sex. If you are not followers of free sex and hedonism, it is impossible you will asks women you meet to have a sex with you.

Well, that's my interpretation of Pitbull's Give Me Everything song. Your comment is highly appreciated.


  1. That is a load of crap, who cares what it means. its just catchy