I Wanna Go | Britney Spears

What is the meaning and main idea of Britney Spears' I Wanna Go song? What kind of feelings the song has? Are the meaning of the song easily disclosed in the title and the lyric lines?

The song tells us about a girl's desire. More specifically, as it is implied in the lyric lines, this Britney Spears' I Wanna Go tells about the feeling of a girl whose desire, sexual desire reaches the limit. She wants to release this desire. Of course, it's not mentioned directly in the song how she will do it. But it's clear that it will be released inappropriately. By inappropriately, I mean with someone who is not her legal spouse.

It's also clear from the lyric lines that actually she is a nice girl. She has always 'been told who should she does it with.' However, she decides that she will not obey that advise. She makes up his mind to do the release with her own way. And the way she prefers is a dirty one. It's seen in the chorus of the song: 'I wanna go, all the way. Taking out my freak tonight. I wanna show, all the dirt I got running through my mind'. The expression 'I wanna go, all the way' in this line seems to mean 'totally changing from she used to be. She does this because she thinks that she used to be freak. Hence she wants to take out her freak by showing and doing all the dirty mind she has in her head.

However, deep in her heart she knows that what she is thinking and going to do is wrong. It is seen in the lines 'Shame on me, to need release uncontrollably.' She knows it all, but when it's about desire, especially sexual desire, who can resist?

As you may see, the message and meaning of this Britney Spears' I Wanna Go song do not show itself in the lyric. About the title, it does not adequately represent the message the song tries to convey. Hence, people who only see the title without analyzing the whole lyric lines will likely to think that this song is about a disappointed girl who wants to go away from her boyfriend. And of course, such guess is totally wrong.

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