Somebody To Love | Justin Bieber

What is the meaning of Justin Bieber's Somebody To Love song?

Love can make you do crazy things. It can make you swim a river even if you never do it before. It can make you put off your jacket even if it's the peak of winter time. And love can make you a generous person even if you are actually a stingy one.

It's such craziness caused by love which is tried to be described and told by Justin Bieber in his Somebody To Love song. Of course, the craziness he describes fits only to his age. Older people may consider the craziness he tells as childish one. It's, of course, true since adults' craziness must be much more extreme than the one described in this song.

Song Lyric Narrated
The song is directly opened with the lines telling Justin Bieber's craziness (and struggle) for the sake of a girl he loves. He struggle to 'write a symphony' and to 'play the violin' as we all know that it is not easy to write symphonies and play violin. Only those who are willing to learn hard who can do these two things. Meanwhile, the craziness part is told in the two last lines where for his girl he would be 'running a thousand miles, just to get to where you are'. Of course, it's crazy that just to get to the place where he can meet the girl he loves, he will run a thousand miles. There are many vehicles today, right?

In the next lines, his craziness is still shown clearly. The line 'I'd rather give you the world, or we could share mine' proves that he is really crazy about her. There is no sign in this part that he wants to take something. He just wants to give. He wants to give his world, and he doesn't want to take any of her world. Don't you think it's a very generous thing? Yes, and a too generous thing is also a form of craziness. Morever, in this lines he also tells the reason of his all craziness namely he 'just need somebody to love.' He need nothing else, cause he 'just need somebody to love.'

In the next lines he continues telling his craziness. He would 'bring the sun around' and 'sweep away the clouds.' Even though everyone knows that it's impossible to do those things, if it's said by someone who is falling in love, then we will take it and understand it.

Finally, what a true lover wants is only to fulfill anything the one he love needs. Justin Bieber realizes it and so he says 'you can have it all, anything you want, I can bring; give you the finer things.' And to complete his craziness he also says that he 'can't find' 'what he really wants' since 'money can't find' him 'somebody to love.'

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