Don't Wanna Go Home | Jason Derulo

What is the meaning of Jason Derulo's Don't Wanna Go Home lyric? In general, the whole lyric tells us about people addicted to clubbing activity. Like Pitbull's Give Me Everything, this song also promote hedonism. The only difference is that Jason Derulo's focuses on clubbing activities, while Pitbull's focuses on free sex lifestyle.

Story of the Song
Opening the song, Jason asks whether it is daylight or nightime. This shows that he is so addicted to clubbing that he cannot distinguish between day and night. For him, there is no more difference between the day and the night.

The lyric continues with chorus in which the singer sings "Daylight come and we don't wanna go home". For me, it means that even though he knows that night has passed and so the day has come, which means the clubbing party is over, he still cannot accept the fact and decide to continue the party instead of finishing it and go home. He admits that he has lost control over himself.

The lyric continues with 'Let the club shut down, we won't go'. It shows that even though he is really aware that the party should be over, he still want to continue dancing in the floor.

At the birdge section, however, he tells another thing. He tells about his excitement after meeting with sexy Haitian girl who can dance very well. So interested in the girl, he then ask her and her friends to come to his place described as cabana. There he will continue the party, since the club has now shut down.

In short, the song tells about night clubbing addiction felt by the singer. So, what will you say if you are so addicted to night clubbing?

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