All She Knows | Bruno Mars

What is the meaning and main idea of Bruno Mars' All She Knows song? Does the title adequately represent the message the song tries to convey? Are all the lyric lines support the main idea of the song?

Loving someone will give us so many feelings. It can give us joy. But it also can make us hurt. It hurts especially when the one we love so much does not know or does not care about our love to her. SUch situation must be painful. Perhaps it is more painful than being rejected directly. At least, when we know that our love is rejected, we can try to fall in love with someone else. We can do the same when the situation is the one we love does not know or does not care with our love. It's very problematic. Deep in our heart we must have hope that she will love us someday. But we also know that such hope can't always be nurtured since in reality we know that does not even care about us. However, letting our love go is also something difficult because, again, we have hope that she will turn to us someday. That's why such situation is very problematic.

More painful is if we know that the one we love does not care about love just because she still loves someone else that, we know and she knows better, is not faithful to her and does not truly love her. The situation can make us annoyed, mad, sad and, of course, very disappointed. We must want to tell her that it's useless to wait and hope him come back. However, when we will do that, our heart must say that it's inappropriate. It's kind of selfish thing. And that will make us, again, sadder.

It seems such situation that Bruno Mars tries to tell in his All She Knows song. Regardless whether it's his personal experience or not, he can describe it so well. All the lyric lines seem to have such deep sad feeling. All the lines, accordingly, support the main idea. However, the title seems not to represent the main idea of the song. Without listening the song and understanding all the lyric lines, it's impossible that we can know what the song actually means.

Well, that's my interpretation of Bruno Mars' All She Knows song. Your comment on the lyric and on my interpretation is highly appreciated.

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