Talking To The Moon | Bruno Mars

What is the meaning and main idea of Bruno Mars' Talking To The Moon song? Does the title adequately represent the message the song tries to convey? Are all the lyric lines support the main idea of the song?

Losing someone we love is something very painful. It can make us feel incomplete, as if the half of our soul is taken away. Furthermore, the pain can cause unexpected result. Some people, because they can't help with the feeling, decide to end their lives. The burden also make some lose their minds. They become insane. While the other who do not commit suicide or go mad, live their lives sadly and sometimes desperately.

It's such situation which Bruno Mars' Talking To The Moon tries to tell us. The character of the song is described as a man who just lost his girl. He doesn't know where she is now. However, he believes that she is still alive and live somewhere. Every night, he misses the girl. He then sits by himself and talks to the moon. He does this because he hopes that the girl is also sitting somewhere and look at the same moon. However, his belief about the girl looking at the moon is not so strong. He has some doubt. Hence, in the end of the chorus he asks "Am I a fool who sits alone, talking to the moon."

The coherence between one line to another is good. All the lines seem to support the main idea of the song, and message is appropriately conveyed. However, considering the main idea it tries to reveal, the title seems less appropriate because if someone read the title without listening to the song, it's likely that he will misinterpret the main idea of the song.

Well, that's my interpretation of Bruno Mars' Talking To The Moon song. Your comment is highly appreciated.

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