Grenade | Bruno Mars

What is the meaning and main idea of Bruno Mars' Grenade song? What message and mood the song tries to convey? Do all the lyric lines support the main idea of the song? Is Bruno Mars's vocal style while singing the song appropriate with the mood of the song? The following paragraphs try to answer all these questions.

In short, the song tells us about the disappointment and anger of a man who has sacrificied so much for his woman. The disappointment and anger are caused by her ignorance about his sacrifice. The fact that she is not only ignorant about his sacrifice but also does not respond appropriately to it makes his feeling worse. In the whole lyric lines, Bruno Mars whines. The line 'oh take it all but you never give' shows how disappointed he is because she has taken, she has accepted all he gives but, in contrast, she does not give anything to him. Meanwhile, the only thing he wants is her love. But she does not give it to.

In another line, however, he says that the disappointment is caused or made worse by the fact that the woman throws all the things he gives like a trash. Explicitly, this line seems not cohesive with the previous one. In the previous line, it is said that the man is angry because the woman he loves only take what he gives but she does not give anything to him in return. In this line, however, it is said that the woman does not take what he gives, but throw it to the trash. So what is it? Do these two lines tell something different? No! These two tell the same thing. Only they use different meaning of language. The first line is denotative in nature. While the second one is figurative. So it is true that the woman take all he gives. It is true that she does not give him anything in return. However, the woman does not consider the gift as something useful. That is why in the second line it is described figuratively as being 'tossed in the trash'.

Because all of the facts above, then the man conclude that she does not really love him even though she said it. This is emphasized in the following bridge lines: 'If my body was on fire, oh you would watch me burn down in flames. You said you loved me you're a liar, cause you never ever ever did baby.'

Based on the above discussion, it can be summed that the main idea of Bruno Mars' Grenade song is a man's disappointment. The mood it has is sadness. The lyric lines are proved to support the main idea of the song. Finally, Bruno Mars' vocal style is appropriate with the mood of the song.

Well, that's my interpretation of Bruno Mars' Grenade song. Your comment is highly appreciated.