Just The Way You Are | Bruno Mars

What is the meaning and main idea of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are song? Does the title adequately represent the message the song tries to convey? Are all the lyric lines support the main idea of the song?

Everybody seems to know that love can change one's perpective. It can make the lovers see someone they love so differently. The same eyes, the same nose, the same hair, the same face, the same lips can look different before and after someone falls in love. Clearly, it is love which make them look different. Moreover, the lovers do not demand something from ones they love. If one's hair is short, then they will say that her short hair make her look more beautiful. When the hair grows longer, they will say that it looks just perfect.

It's such situation which Burno Mar's Just The Way You Are tries to tell. The whole lines are basically some kinds of a boy's flattery to his girl. Almost all parts of the girl's body are flattered. In the first and second lines, it is her eyes and hair which are adored. In the chorus lines, it is her face and smile which are complimented. And finally, in the 11th and 12th lines, it's the turn of her lips and her laugh. All the lyric lines basically support the main idea of the song, and hence the song successfully conveys its message.

Well, that is my interpretation of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are song. Your comment is highly appreciated.


  1. I sang dis song to my beautiful girlfriend!!! I love her so much!!! I'm proud to have her next to me n in my heart!!! Alejandra I love u!!! She loves this song.