Best Thing I Never Had | Beyonce

What is the meaning of Beyonce's Best Thing I Never Had lyric? Well, in short, this is a love song telling us about happiness mixed with grief felt by a woman in one time. Of course, she feels very sad because she just lost someone whom she really love. But, she also feels happy because she knew that the man she loves is not as good as they thought before.

Story of the song
The song is opened with a popular saying "what goes around comes back around" which is repeated four times. As everybody knows, the saying means that whatever we do, whether it is good or bad, will eventually return to ourselves. And in this lyric it seems that the saying is used to warn her ex boyfriend of the bad things he has done to her. So, what are those bad things which have been done by the boy?

In short, the boy has lied and cheated her as it is explained in the next verse. The boy has been looking and doing good so far. He never did anything wrong so that she almost falls in love with him. And it is when she almost falls in love with him that real him is uncovered,that so far he has been cheating her.

Even though she is disappointed, she is happy that she sees the true. This is shown in the next verse in which she says "thanks God I dodged the bullet" meaning that she is very happy to have been avoided from the bad thing. However, she is also very sad because she is "so over" him.

Her very sad feeling continues to be shown in the next verse in which she sings 'I wanted you bad'. She still adores him that she says he is the best thing she never had and in contrary she is the best thing he never had. However, in the next versse she also hates him so much that she sings however hurt he is now, he does not deserve her tears.

Her hate makes her not care him at all. Even though she knows that the boy wants to be back, she does not want to do the same. She thinks that it is the best decision to be apart as shown in the lyric "Thank God I found the good in goodbye" which can be interpreted that even though it's hurt to be separated, but it brings something good because "Lord knows that it would take another place, another time, another world, another life"

And finally, the song is closed with the same popular saying "What goes around, comes back around" which seems to underline the message she wants to convey namely not to play fool of another especially girl.

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