The One That Got Away | Katy Perry

What is the meaning and main idea of Katy Perry's The One That Got Away song? Is it a love song? Is it a sad or a happy song?

Well, love is something misterious. It works misteriously. There is no one fixed pattern of its work. It can be experienced by kid as well as older people. It can end happily as well as sadly.

However, there is a typical feeling experienced by those who are falling in love: They are happy. When they fall in love they can and will do things they never think they can do. Of course, that is the magic of falling in love. I believe you all have felt the feeling, so I don't think I need to describe the feeling in details.

But, what do all those have to do with this Katy Perry's The One That Got Away song lyric? Well, in short, the song tells us about the situation of a person who is falling in love. In the lyric, Katy Perry eloquently open the song with the beginning of her love story. Crazy things she and her boy do are related in quite details: they got matching tattos, they steal parents' liquor, etc. Up to this point, it seems that it is a happy love song. However, if we continue to read the lyric, it is revealed that her love story is a sad at the end. They are no longer together. It seems that the boy has left her. He has also removed the tattoos. And he sing different kind of songs. And she conclude all the feeling with the sentence "You were the one that got away" which means that her boy has been gone. Well, all of these confirm that her love is not happy at the end. It is a sad one.

What further confirm the sadness of the story is that she still expect the boy to be with her. If they can be together in this life, the lyric goes, then they can be together in another life. In fact, what is worse that expecting something or someone who has been gone? Nothing.

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