We Found Love | Rihanna

What is the meaning and main idea of Rihanna's We Found Love song? What kind of feelings the song has? Are the meaning of the song easily seen in the title and the lyric lines?

All those questions may come to your mind when you listen Rihanna's We Found Love song. If you are sort of person who don't only listen to the music but also try to understand what the song is actually about, then you must wonder what the lyric of Rihanna's We Found Love tells us. Well, I admit that I'm such kind of person. And the following paragraphs are my personal interpretation of the song.

As it is obviously seen in the lyric, almost all sentences are figurative in nature. Moreover, all sentences seems not to be closely related to each other. There's no connection between "Shine a light through an open door" and "Love and life I will divide" right?. However, there seems to be something hidden when the whole sentences are read wholly and very very carefully. Well, the most important point is, of course, at the chorus part "We found love in a hopeless place. By revealing the meaning of this part we will be able to uncover the meaning behind all other sentences.

Well, just like the sentence tells, love can sometimes be found in a place where there seems to be no hope. Such a place can be a broken family. In such a family, of course happiness seems to be faraway. The peace is often replaced with quarrel. And hence, happiness seems to be out there. However, from such a family there often grows a kid who is very talented and bright. No matter what is going on in his family, he can always do his best. And finally he becomes successful. I bet, if you are willing to search, you will find many successful people who come from broken family.

So that's my interpretation of Rihanna's We Found Love song. I believe your interpretation will be different from me. So, never hesitate to comment here.

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